Saturday, September 15, 2012

Something's Happening Here.....

I am currently on a mission for new inspiration, and a focus for the fall. I am NOT going to school as planned (money rules the world..) and this has sort of put a stick in the spokes of how I thought my year would unravel. Mostly these days my creative out put has been in the form of taking photos... Of everything ( pretty sure anyone who follows me on Instagram has noticed....) and just decorating my home... I am not sure what I am doing. That's the truth about what's happening here. I do intend to be out and about on this here blog more. (How many times have I said that now?) but it's the truth. Even look at my fancy new header ( look up, look way up.) 

So come back again soon, and check me out, and if I let you down by not sticking to my promise of postings, you can break up with me once and for all.

Here are some photos of lately.

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  1. ok listen stephanie....not going into art school this year is no doubt disappointing....however, you can create your own curriculum.....get quiet and listen to what your heart really desires to do.....what kind of medium(s) are you craving to play with?? ......just show up, make one mark and the rest will your own exploring...with your natural talent there is no limit to where you can go.....just show up for yourself.....go girl...!

    do not put your enormous talent on the back burner! play, explore, make mistakes...and make art....just make art....

    if there is anything i can ever do to assist you in your explorations please please ask ok? ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!