Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Sticks and Bones" Art show at The Electric Umbrella Tattoo shop and Gallery.

"Sticks and Bones" is a collection of pieces is what I have come to think of as a summary of the images that have been my source of inspiration over the last year or so. The Indo-European root of the word "Art" is "to arrange" or "fit together". What I have done with this work of ceramic pieces is put everything together that invokes creativity for me. Its also kind of a year book. In September I am planning to return to school to take Visual Arts. My main goal being to start with a clean slate. I plan to Hang up all the ideas I have been working with, images that I've been arranging in different mediums and order, and start from the very beginning.

SO on Saturday July 28th, I would like to invite you ALL to The FABULOUS Electric Umbrella Tattoo shop and Gallery Space, to see this era of my work come together for the first and last time. ( Well, for a while anyways..)

I will stop there with the photos, as I will save the addition of the finishing touches for the show. Better come check it out.

Info and Directions
The Electric Umbrella

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