Friday, July 27, 2012

Feedlot Studios, and Mariko my ceramic Guru....

I want to take a moment here, to tell the world that the whole love affair between ceramics and I was curtsey of  Match Maker Mariko Paterson McCrae. This woman is amazing. She brings people and clay together like a gentle Shepard coxes timid sheep to a flock. Not only is she talented as they come, but she is an amazingly patient and down to earth teacher. She has been one of my #1 supporters and encourages me constantly to create, be myself with my art,  not to give up, and get frustrated, or to judge myself too harshly. Tough stuff... 

Feedlot studios is more than just  ceramics ( AND  Graphic design, by the gifted Bryan McCrea. ) It's a cultural meeting place. Hosting small musical gigs, Arts and Craft shows/sales, meetings of people from all spectrum's of Gabriola's community, and a classroom, where you get to sip wine while you create... well ANYTHING.

I don't actually think I can efficiently sing enough praise about these guys, so you'll all have to do me the favor of checking them out for your self.

 ( GO tell them you  "like" them, everyone likes to be liked right? )

Oh and do you like wiener dogs? Because they own about 100.... ( well ok, actually 4... so far....)


  1. Awwww shucks Stephanie! We will be at your show with bells on!!!

    xoxo M&B

  2. lovely tribute to your mentors! have a blast tonight stephanie...unfortunately i cannot attend the opening but i know it will be very well attended...and i know it will be a fab show cause you are a totally wonderful artist!!