Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Veronica Turns 29 and Shows us all a thing or two about Classy Home stylings.

 My friend Veronica is a talented lady in many ways, but especially shines in her skill for creating lovely spaces. Just recently she moved from a floating home- so close I could swim to it, and into a land locked structure. With her extensive collection of chairs ( in all varying states of reupholster ) and eye for colour, plus many bits of collected goodies, she has made a home of her rented house.. BOOM. ( as she would say.) Her recent discovery of old family slides and a projector were the highlight of her comfy new living room ( for me anyways.) and I ESPECIALLY love this slide of her mother , and getting to steal a shot of veronica admiring her was one of my favourite parts of the day.

Happy birthday Veronica.
You are amazing


  1. oh this such a juicy post and lovely peek into Veronica's home. happy birthday hugs from me too!

  2. ooops, forgot to sign my name...christy over can find me also at for a peek into my art (and my home)

  3. yes, stephanie, very nice post about lovely veronica...nice pix too....and her mom!!! awwwww, are also amazing stephanie! what a great friend you are.......