Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We travel many km to the new homelands of Timshel.

Timshel is one of my favorite people... ever. She has made a new home for her self in a land far away, well actually not that far, its about 385 km, and two ferries, but it sure feels like a long long way when you miss someone. The excuse for the trip was a party in honor of new building, ( a music room/shop- built right next to the river with handmade beams..... I don't speak buildings specifics or carpentry ... sorry.. but you get the idea right?? ) but mostly it was for us to see Tim's new home through her eyes. To understand why she is up there, and not here, with us, where we wish she would be... It is easy to understand why an adventurer and competent person like Timshel would love to live in the setting she has found herself. Not to mention the awe inspiring beauty of the wide open NATURE ( Goulet! ) that sets the perfect stage for her photography. And while my heart belongs next to the sea, I can understand why she is there. And it really is beautiful. We went on some walks, ( vertical incline or should I say NATURAL RISE. ) drank coffee, and basically just kicked it with the dogs ( and an alcoholic cat...). It wasn't EXACTLY what I call a relaxing trip, but anytime I am fortunate enough to get a large clump of my closest people with in arms reach I am truly happy.  So here is to Timshel, for being her self, and finding a place in the world that makes sense to her.