Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Jeff,

It's cold, wet and dreary, and I am in the mood to reflect. I've been talking, and talking, but having a hard time articulating what I am trying to say. Its been one day, shy of a month, since the passing of an amazing, hilarious, genuine, talented, out-going, introverted, and loyal friend and family member. There are so many more words to describe Jeff Clark, and some how none of them achieve a clear enough picture. Maybe because Jeff would be better portrayed by sound and movement. In the days that followed Jeff's crossing over, to what ever or where ever we go when we die, you could still hear his laughter, mingled with the laughter of his loved ones who gathered to share memories, and recite stories. Like an echo of a familiar sound, rain falling, waves crashing, the first few notes of your favorite song, you take it for granted, until it stops. Jeff's laugh reverberated. Jeff was music, he was hands drumming, and clapping, he was humming and man made sound effects, and sometimes he was silence. In motion he was running-sliding, catching, rolling, wresting, hugging. He was Hiding, then Jumping up, jumping out. And he was Dancing. I admit, to my regret, that I did not share dance space with Jeff as often as I had the chance too. That I should have taken more time to celebrate life, in the presence of the folks I call my family. I guess we all wish we had spent more time with people, once we realize we no longer have that option. I suppose that is what I am going to carry forward, the lesson that life is short and precious, and that the sincere connections and true friendships we make along the way, are our biggest achievements.

27 years isn't long enough, but I know that the impetus of Jeff's life left little room for should have/ could have's. He leaves behind a wonderful, welcoming, humorous family, his loving girlfriend/life adventuring-partner-in-crime, and some of the best friends that any man could ever hope for in his time on this earth. He touched more lives than any of us will even know.  We are all blessed to have shared someone like Jeff, and I am very full of gratitude.

I'll miss you Bud.

Photos By Julian Kenchenten
( and stolen from Nick May's album )

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