Friday, March 23, 2012

YEAH, i know... its been a while...

From car troubles to septic leakage. Paint fumes, and Broken wood stoves. Waking up to seeing my breath in side and loosing Uka due to her new obsession with chasing the deer, this month has been a bit littered with bad luck. And also hard. And lonely. I wont bore you with emotions, I simply came here today to state that I have begun a transformation, in the physical form of a rental..... old carpets, old paint, a bit musty... slowly room by room is coming together... here is where I am with the bedroom, project one. New fresh white white white paint. ( was dark blue, and off white) old carpet removed ( found a newspaper from 1988 underneath)  ... and later i will reveal said finished projecto... but for now.. here is a little peek.

Top: the most horrible carpets ever. Did not get a photo of the colour of the room
Bottom: underneath was this lamanent-tile woodgrain-ish flooring. All cleaned up looks and feels so much cleaner.

stay tuned... I promise it wont be so long next time.

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