Friday, March 2, 2012

New beginings

OK so, I've not really been doing much blogging about art, which was what I was meaning to do. But such is life.

I am currently going through a break up, with my what was 5 year relationship, and so I will be moving.
So that is inspiring in a way. Sad, but aren't fresh starts somewhat refreshing? I have found a new home for Myself, Uka and Neon. Across the island from the bay that I love. But on to a new bay. and across from a Dahlia stand... so that's promising right?

I  will be updating with decorating over the next few weeks, and hopefully new Art by the end of the month. That's something about heart ache, it breeds and necessitates creativity. Got to look on the bright side.

So here is to new beginnings... 

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