Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today's Creative Crush.

For the short time that I tried "City Girl" on for size, I worked at the most lovely little shop in Victoria called Floating Gold Iceberg (an entire post on these guys to come.) Apart from getting to spend time in a little shop, full of handmade/local clothing, jewelery, ceramics and housewares AND working for two amazingly awesome creative women (Again I am going to come back to this... ) sipping tea,  in downtown Victoria. (... Oh sweet sweet people watching...) I got the chance to meet, (or to talk to on the phone/email) a handful of people who are doing very inspiring things with the materials that they dig most. People who are making marvelous Art. One such creative genius is Ellen Box, of Bonspiel Creation.

 Bonspiels main focus is leather goods, Purses and pouches with the best collection of silk screened images ( So good in fact that my camera, toiletries, change, hair ties and bobby pins, rings... all live in little leather homes adorned with mean cat, deer, skulls, rabbits, creepy doll children.... and so on... The Point: You can't choose just ONE)  Made from recycled leather garments. She also creates clothing, all from her home studio in Victoria. This talented lady does it all, from the cut to the print, the sewing, marketing, selling and shipping. And she really, really does, have a great product. The soft used leather feels like its something you've always owned. ( Especially if the cat printed on it actually looks just like your own fur baby. )

SO do me a favor and go look at her wares, ( if you don't know her already) so that you and I can agree on her awesomeness, THEN get your wallet out and buy your best friend a leather gift, (Just for being fabulous. )

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