Thursday, October 4, 2012

The colourful influence of Tammy

My favourite moment of the day is by far my first morning coffee at Artworks. Not only is coffee the liquid I love most, but sitting with friends in an atmosphere surrounded by art and colour..... Well it's my little idea of heaven. There are so many talented people who contribute to my morning affair with satisfaction, but right now I want to talk about Tammy Hudgeon, because colour and Tammy go together like coffee and friends. All of the work Tammy produces is full of a vibrant array of chromaticism, but her work in glass has a special relationship with light, which means that more than just the piece it's self adds colour to the room..... It's as I sit with a morning coffee and watch the sun rays illuminate the space around me that I feel inspired to share how wonderful Tammy's art is. I've recently spoken with Tammy about doing an "interview" I have never interviewed anyone, so we will see how that experiment goes. But until then you can check Tammy out on her blog. Or if you find yourself on Gabriola Island this weekend (lucky you, if you do) she will be participating in the Gabriola Island Thanksgiving studio tour, where some 40 odd artists will open their doors to the public.

Tammy Hudgeon
"Sea life" Fused Glass and Wood.

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  1. hey sweet! i just saw this for the 1st time...thank you sweet stephanie for mentioning me in your blog.....

    hope all is well with you....