Saturday, January 28, 2012

Slow start to 2012 and day dreaming of Ruxton.

Its already the end of the January and I do not have a lot to show for this month so far. It's been weathery, and cold.  My Manfriend's and I celebrated our birthdays with a Sushi gathering, that some how turned itself from small and intimate to filling my home to its seams with people and pups.   I've been on a lot of dog walks and watched the first season of Dexter and tried to get myself into a good exercise routine. I started running and went back to the gym. I read "the Help".. So yeah ok, I have been up to things this month.

A few of my friends flew the coop to warmer climates, and will be returning soon. Whenever I am missing my buddies I feel homesick for Ruxton. About 5 years ago for Hayden's bachelorette party, we planned a get away to nearby Ruxton Island and the beautiful cabin owned by a lovely couple here on Gabriola. That weekend was full of Tequila, Costumes, Speeches, Night-time-wanderings, An invitation into a local's home, Suspicious intoxicated swimming and a Declaration of a cheese intolerance. It was perfect.  And it has since become a tradition.

There are actually TOO many good photos from over the years, I could never be finished if I added all my favorites.. 

AW I Love you ladies. 

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